Five things to remember if you’re feeling lost in your 20s

November 17, 2016
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It’s totally fine not to have your shit together in your 20s. Your 20-somethings are a tumultuous time with so much change happening to you and to the people around you. Most of us go through some sort of existential life crisis where we question absolutely everything, and that’s totally normal. If these questions about what you’re doing with your life are starting to get you down, there are five important things you should remember.

Don’t trust everything you see on social media

It’s so easy to get swallowedup  into that world of Facebook and Instagram where everything is curated and everyone’s lives look so perfect. Comparing yourself to everyone else is the first trap – people go on social media to brag, so they’re not going to share the parts of their life where they might be struggling. If someone you know has landed an awesome job and you feel a bit jealous, ask yourself whether they’re just at a different stage than you are, or whether you need to make changes to get to where they are.

You have so much time to figure it all out

Your 20s is basically an entire decade you can dedicate to figuring it all out, so there’s no need to rush. If you’re hating your degree, change degrees. Hate that degree too? Change again. If you’re worried about being at uni until you’re 30, don’t be – just because everyone else has landed grad jobs, doesn’t mean you have to as well. You do you – at least you’ve tried everything once and can be sure of what you want to do. Same thing goes for jobs. It may suck, but do as many internships as you can, even if they’re unpaid. It’ll make you realise what you want and you can make a lot of handy connections along the way that can help you out later.

You’re not meant to land your dream job at 21

It sucks when you’ve worked your ass off at uni to get killer grades and worked a million internships and you still only qualify for an entry-level job. But not many people land their dream job straight after they graduate uni. If you did, you’d have nothing to work towards. Take what you can from your first job, even if it’s not the best job ever, and you’ll be able to slowly build that experience. It can’t happen overnight unforch, but keep working towards it and you never know, you might land your dream job at 25.

Don't know what your dream job is? That's totally OK too.

Failing is not the worst thing that could happen to you

The great thing about making mistake is that you’ll always learn a lesson from it. No one expects you to know everything straight out of your teen years – no one will hold your mistakes against you. Failing shows you’re actually trying to make an effort and make a difference to your 20s. The important thing is not to get worn down by failing or to consider yourself a failure.

Your friends and fam can help you get through it

It might sound like a cliché, but your support network has either gone through it themselves or are going through it with you. That 'lost' feeling shouldn’t isolate you or make you feel alone. Tell people if you’re struggling - they might have the words of wisdom you didn’t think of, or the right advice to help you get through it.