Five things I said I’d do on mid-sem break (but never did)

April 21, 2017
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Classic us, promising ourselves that we’ll be super productive and living our best lives during mid-sem break. Somehow every year, you manage to convince yourself that this break will be different – you’re going to find the perfect balance between recuperation, having fun and getting organised. Did you do any of these things? Nope!

Catch up on those lecture recordings you haven’t listened to

Your excuse for not attending that 9am lecture was simple, it’s recorded! You can listen to it in double speed and from the comfort of your very own bed! Did you listen to it when it was released the day later? Defs no! Assignments and exams happened, so you told yourself you’d catch up during the break. But why would you listen to Principles of Marketing when you could be listening to episodes of S Town instead?!

Organise your notes from the first half of sem

Your notes are a confusing mess, between the classes you missed and the times your laptop ran out of battery so you had to write notes on actual paper. Mid-sem break could have been the prime time to get your notes in order, call that friend who was at that tutorial and pull together an easily referenced guide that’ll make that open book exam at the end of semester a piece of cake. Oh, past self, so naïve.

Get some much needed rest and relaxation

It’s been a stressful semester, and you definitely deserve a break. Some meditation and yoga might be in order, or maybe you need to get outside and breathe in fresh air again after being cooped up doing assignments. Of course, that would be the reasonable thing to do. Not like binge watching shows until 3am and sleeping in and doing it all over again, never seeing natural light. We definitely wouldn’t do that…

Get a head start on next semester’s assignments

Lol, good one. This would make the second half of semester sooo much less stressful. But when the due date is three weeks away, it’s really hard to prioritise that over sleep. You’ve just handed in a bunch of assignments, the last thing you want to do is get started on the next lot.

Work some more shifts and save dat money

Mid-sem break is usually the best time to pick up extra shifts, or even dedicate time to selling those unwanted clothes on eBay. If you save that money now, you’ll be less stressed when it’s exam time and you have to take time off work to study, right? That would be the logical thing to do. Instead, we hope our managers don’t realise it’s uni break so they don’t give us any more shifts than we have to do. Instead, we go out way more with all the free time we have and spend all our money. Will we ever learn our lesson?!

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