Five things final-year students are sick of hearing

January 24, 2017
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It may have taken you three, four, five or even more years to get to this point. Regardless, it’s been an intense struggle and the end is in sight. As you’re gearing up for your final year and getting excited at the prospect of leaving uni, of course people have to bring you back to the reality that you’re not prepared for the post-uni world at all. If you’re approaching your final year of study, you’ll no doubt be sick of hearing these things from those smug people who seem to have their life together.

“Have you started applying for grad jobs/cadetships yet?”

Hearing this from the more prepared students in your graduating class can induce some serious stress. You may have been under the impression that you start applying for jobs after you walk out of that very last exam or when you get handed that shiny, expensive piece of paper. But your peers are already looking at their grad job options, a full year in advance.

While you just considered getting your lazy ass to an internship, these students have already completed at least ten and are on their way to filling out a billion application forms for the most sought-after cadetships. If you’re feeling stressed about this – don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“Your final year is gonna be the most stressful and intense year yet.”

Thanks everyone for the motivational pep talk. Dealing with a few already tough years of uni, knowing that it only gets worse is not very comforting. The idea of deferring a semester seems pretty inviting when you know the fate that awaits you – but you also know there’s no point putting off the inevitable. At least you’ve been warned – once you’ve been told for the millionth time, at least your body will be ready for the late nights, the tears and the overall struggle that is the final year.

“What do you want to do when you graduate?”

STOP ASKING PLS. You know that you should probs have some idea by now, but there are so many options to decide between. Further study? Travel? A full-time job? What kind of full-time job? This is the year you’ve probs dedicated to figuring it all out, seeing as your first and second year was dedicated to getting core subjects done and trying out a few different things. You might not even know what you want to do until you’ve finished uni, start looking at job advertisements and see a job that looks good. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Do you know what you’re doing for your capstone/thesis/final major project?”

Even with uni lecturers banging on about the final capstone since day one of semester one, you probs haven’t given it much thought. You might have a very very general idea of what you might possibly be interested in doing, but that's about it. While all the free time in summer could be used to come up with your HD-worthy idea, you are probs ignoring anything uni-related until you return and are forced to start thinking about it.

“The real world is even worse than uni.”

Followed by warnings of “Make the most of student life while you still can!” At this point, you really just want to be excited about finally finishing uni – no more assignments, no more exams and no more boring compulsory lectures and tutorials. While finishing uni should call for a big celebration for such a big achievement, the way people talk makes it sound like it’s only doom and gloom awaiting you at the end.

You hear constantly about how there are no jobs out there, how competitive it is in your field, how you’ll be just as poor working an entry-level job and just as bored because you won’t land your dream job right away. While people might be right when they say to make the most of your final year, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be optimistic of what's to come after.

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