Five things Aussie unis have that other countries don’t

March 08, 2017
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If you grew up watching American movies about college life, it’s easy to idealise uni in a Star-Spangled way. After watching those movies you might even be fooled into thinking that student life in Australia isn’t as exciting, with no frat parties, gridiron matches, marching bands or Greek-inspired sororities/fraternities to be seen (We also have no guns on campus, but that’s a chat for another time).

But uni pride shouldn’t be amiss in Oz as we’ve got a few special things that make us unique. Here’s some true blue traits Australian unis have that tons of other unis around the globe don’t.

The staple uni bar

While it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that Aussies students are the only ones who love to drink, not all countries have let drinking culture infiltrate their unis to the same extent. My Indonesian friend was shocked when I told him I was living it up at my uni bar last week – something that his Jakarta campus doesn’t have.

Here in the Land Down Under, we’re so passionate about having a cold bevvy we usually have at least one bar on campus. Maybe your uni, like mine, has two bars and is so keen about cheap drinks that they host a weekly double Happy Hour, because one just isn’t enough.

Kangaroos (seriously)

Us city-slickers might’ve thought that kangaroos only existed in the outback and bushlands of Australia. Meanwhile, they’ve been happily hopping around QLD campuses. Seriously! No fake news here.

The University of the Sunshine Coast is one Aussie uni where kangaroos live it up, just chillin’ on the lawns. The uni even has a conservation project to keep the Eastern Grey Kangaroos safe.

They might belong on the coat of arms but these furry guys have also won a place in our hearts.

Built-in barbie areas

Where else in the world can you grab a snag off the barbie on campus? Aussies love a BBQ and our unis prove that.

In summer our barbies are lit, with students enjoying the classic sausage and two pieces of bread, onion being optional.

With built-in barbie areas, who can deny that we’re pretty bloody lucky to be uni students in ‘Straya?

The beach at our doorstep

The best part about going to university in Australia is that we’ve got some of the most pristine coastlines in the world on our doorstep.

Being able to take a study break at the beach or go for a morning surf is a privilege, and a perfect way to clear your head during exam period.

Who needs snow when you can go for a dip after class at the beach – and maybe even make a cameo on Bondi Rescue?

More terrifying wildlife

Seeing a kangaroo hopping around on campus is cute, but spotting a magpie isn’t. One thing’s for sure, they’ll keep your cardio on track by swooping at you if you dare to go anywhere near their nest. They’re angrier than a uni student who can’t find a car spot on campus.

No surprises here, their other bird friends are just as bad. Seagulls and ibis birds are aren’t just after your lunch – they want your dignity too.

And take it from us – rocking up at a uni Halloween party dressed as a cyclist who has been mercilessly attacked by a magpie is a very Aussie thing to do. Us Aussie battlers will laugh at everything including ourselves, no worries m8.

All in all, going to uni in Australia is a pretty good deal with BBQs, beaches and kangas hopping about campus. And with bars on campus we can definitely cheers to that.

Eden Gillespie

Eden Gillespie is an International Studies/Media student at UNSW with a love for breakfast bagels and Louis Theroux.