Five study techniques we can learn from Hermione Granger

November 11, 2016
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We all know Hermione is one of the most brilliant minds to ever attend Hogwarts. And who better to help you pass your OWLS than the brightest witch of her age? Here are some study techniques we can all learn from our favourite know it all (no magic required!)

So keep calm, and try not to get yourself killed. Or worse, expelled.

It’s never too early

This is one that pretty much everyone knows, but very few people ever do. Try to be one of those few. Hermione studied her textbooks before they were even assigned to her, and she aced her OWL exams.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get started. As soon as you know what will be in your exam, start revising straight away. Read through your text books, quiz your friends or if you don’t have any friends, quiz your cat. Do you think Hermione ever walked into an exam not knowing the material? Absolutely not. There’s nothing wrong with being extra prepared.

Do the readings

Hermione, it seems, was the only person in her grade to read Hogwarts, A History… as she constantly likes to reminds Harry and Ron.

While it may not be necessary to read every word of every textbook before your class even starts, it will be extremely helpful to read any chapters, articles, websites or extra information your lecturers give you.

Do the readings and you’ll be brimming with knowledgeable facts that will amaze your lecturers and (slightly annoy) your classmates. Plus, who knows when the information might come in handy?

Ask questions

For some reason, us muggles have trouble asking for help when we need it. But Hermione knows that asking questions is necessary for understanding the material and acing your exams. Just remember if Professor McGonagall never gave her the time tuner, she never would have got through her third year.

Ask your lecturer or a classmate if you’re struggling. They probably can’t give you a time turner (they were all destroyed in the battle of the Department of Mysteries anyway) but they can give you some support and handy advice.

Know when to sit out

Hermione always knew how to prioritise her time, and even at common room parties Hermione could be seen under a towering pile of books reading Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles or finishing her History of Magic essay. Sometimes you just have to know when to skip a party, curl up in front of the common room fire and get cracking on those study notes. And trust me, if will pay off.

One last thing

Although Hermione is a damn good role model, make sure you take a break for yourself every once in a while. Do some stretches, practise some jinxes or grab a pumpkin juice. I’ll leave you with a quote Hermione once said in the Philosophers Stone: “Books and cleverness, there are more important things, like friendship and bravery.” It’s not the end of the world if you fail your exam. Even Hermione knew smarts weren’t the most important things in life.

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

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