Five struggles you’ll understand if you work every weekend

January 13, 2017
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After a hard week of balancing uni assignments and a social life (where unfortunately the assignments win), TGIF is not an expression you’re able to relate to. While everyone else’s work week is ending, unfortunately yours is just beginning. If you work in retail or hospitality, you’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to have a carefree weekend since you’re rostered on pretty much every single weekend. These are just some of the many struggles that those who work weekends will be all too familiar with.

You can’t drink too much on Friday or Saturday night (but you do anyway)

Every damn weekend. It’s 11pm the night before your shift and pre-drinks will still be kicking on – you haven’t even left to go out and you’re already mentally counting down the hours until that dreaded alarm goes off. After many horrible hungover shifts, you promise yourself that you’ll take it easy next week. So what do you do? Continue to buy drinks well into the AM in a hopeful bid to try and forget you have to work the next day. If customers are bad after a good night’s sleep, no hell is worse than dealing with shitty customers when you’re feeling like death.

Your days off don’t coincide with anyone else’s days off

If you don’t have a crazy five-day uni timetable (if you do, we feel for you), then chances are you might get one or two weekdays off. It could be an amazing time for some mid-week adventures, but it’s rare that your friends will actually have the same days off as you. While you might have all these grand solo plans, with no one else forcing you to get ready, you’ll probs just spend those days off being lazy and doing nothing whatsoever.

You have to use your weekend N/As wisely

There’s only so many times you can N/A for shifts without your manager getting annoyed at you (this could mean a few weekends or only one if you have a seriously downer boss). So if you’re got birthdays, music festivals, BBQs and other fun invites coming up in your calendar, you have to make a tough call on which one you can’t attend. Seeing as you can’t attend most during the day, you become known as that person that always rocks up afterwards, still in your work gear. If day drinks were had, you have a lot of catching up to do.

You have to avoid Facebook on your lunch breaks to avoid serious FOMO

Particularly in summer when there’s so many beach and holiday check-ins. While you’re eating spag bol leftovers in a small lunch room void of sunlight, your friends are celebrating their total weekend freedom by posting photos by the pool with drinks in hand. If you don’t want to hate those friends, we highly recommend avoiding social media during your weekend shifts.

Don’t even mention public holidays…

“Yay for three-day weekends!” Said no one in retail or hospitality ever. The one redeeming factor is that the pay is pretty sweet. Yet when friends are using this time to go on a mini road trip or a day of general splendour, you start to question whether the money is really worth it. You’ll either be in an excruciating boring situation where no customers come in because they’re all out enjoying the public holiday weekend or you’ll be working a batshit crazy shift from all the patrons who have a day off to enjoy at your expense. Worth the extra pay? We’re not so sure.

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