Five songs that perfectly sum up uni life

April 28, 2017
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Depending on where you’re at in life and the experiences you've had, music is going to affect you in different ways to everyone else. But there are some collective experiences that we share, such as struggling through a bachelor’s degree, that allow certain songs to speak to us in the same way.

‘Here’ – Alessia Cara

Going out to party with your squad always seems like a good idea, until you find yourself in the bathroom at 2am, either spewing your guts out or comforting someone else who is. In that moment, you really start to question your decision-making skills and ask yourself, “Oh God why am I here?”

‘Bills’ – LunchMoney Lewis

Adult life is not at all what it’s glorified to be. Sure, you have the freedom to make your own decisions and eat whatever the heck you want for dinner, but all of it is limited by money. There’s nothing glorious about standing “Behind an old lady in the grocery line, praying that my card don’t get declined”. Sadly, budgeting is a skill most of us learn the hard way.

'Still Got Time' – ZAYN ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Since you’ll be meeting new and interesting individuals almost every week at uni, it’s basically guaranteed that you’ll dabble in romance here and there. However, unlike your favourite college rom-com protagonist, the chance of you meeting the love of your life at uni is probably quite slim.

As ZAYN so bluntly puts it, “Just stop lookin’ for love, you still got time”. The average bachelor’s degree only lasts for about three to four years, so live in the moment and focus on enjoying all the different experiences it has to offer. After all, we’ve got the rest of our lives to find the one.

'Work in Progress' – Annalise Azadian

Between assignment deadlines, balancing your part-time work with an internship, paying bills, and trying to maintain a somewhat healthy social life, we can all feel “A little over stressed” at times. But acknowledging that you’re a work in progress and learning how to manage your time properly are some of the most important things you’ll learn during your time at uni.

‘Alphabet Aerobics’ – Blackalicious 

Just like this classic tongue-twister of a song, every single uni semester starts off nice and easy. It’s a glorious first few weeks, where you actually understand what the hell your tutor is talking about, and you actually have time to socialise and breathe without feeling guilty.  

Then all of a sudden, it’s week eight and you have no idea what kind of foreign language your tutor is speaking, because for some baffling reason, you’re a few lectures behind and you can’t quite grasp the jargon you’re hearing. Before you know it, you’re pulling an all-nighter, trying to complete an assignment while your sleep-deprived mind deludes itself into believing that you’re “A wise wordsmith just weaving up words, weeded up on my work shift.”

Is that last sentence grammatically correct? You’re not sure, but it sounds good, so you submit it and hope you can scrape a pass. Then you blink, and the semester is over. You have no clear recollection of what happened during the last few weeks, but you tell yourself “I’ll be more organised next semester”.

Zaya Altangerel

Zaya is a current student of journalism and science at Monash University, who has proudly mastered the art of laughing at herself and not taking life too seriously.

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