Five solo dates to treat yo' self with

December 14, 2016
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Whether you’re taken, dating or not interested, there is always one important person you need to save time for – yourself.

This designation of some you-time not only allows you to do something that YOU want to do, but also proves that you appreciate yourself enough to say “I deserve this”.

Where do you go on this solo date you ask? Well, if nothing springs to mind – here’s some things to try out.

Tea, scones and crafts

It might sound like an afternoon designed for your Nanna, but don’t knock it till you try it! If you’ve been blessed with an artistic eye, a lil’ solo date of painting or pottery will allow you to bring home a funky souvenir. If your abilities mean that your vase ends up looking more abstract than first intended, then at least you’ll have a good laugh.


Yes! I’m serious! Remember all those times that you’ve blasted the radio and belted out a Whitney Houston song way outside your vocal abilities? Then why not down a couple cocktails and join a hoard of other ‘singers’ at a karaoke bar? Give it your all and no matter what your level of skill is, you’re sure to leave with a few fans (or at least a couple of new friends). It’s a great way to blow off some steam and remind yourself that you’re fabulous.

Be adventurous with the spoken word and try slam poetry

There’s always spoken word events popping up around the place, so keep your eyes peeled. These events will treat you to an evening of compelling poetry and short stories - they’ll uplift you, break your heart, and make you giggle. Buy a decent glass of red wine and zone out to the talents of local wordsmiths. And, if you’re feeling it, get up and give it a go – no one’s judging!

Visit an art gallery

Put on your best beret and have a squiz. Your level of expertise is irrelevant; the art gallery is a sick spot even if all your artistic knowledge comes from Art Attack. Spend as much time as you want at each piece – you wanna stare at a blank canvas for 25 minutes despite the other art surrounding it? Well hell, do it!

I highly recommend wearing a pair of shoes that make a loud click-clack noise as you walk on the hard gallery floors – it’ll make you feel powerful. Art is subjective, so go alone, don’t bother explaining what you’re feeling – just feel it.

Read a good book

What’s more romantic than you, a novel and nature? Grab a good book, a picnic rug and some snacks and head to the park. Once you get there, find the perfect spot under the shadiest tree and read away.

With no one to interrupt you, you can totally immerse yourself in every word – not to mention the calming soundtrack of Mother Nature will have you feeling Zen. And if you’re really feeling that alone time, why not leave your phone at home? It’ll curve that temptation to read from the screen and not the paper. 

“The Works”

Sometimes classic is best. Put on some fancy clothes, spritz yourself with perfume; and enjoy yourself. Movie and a meal? Concert and wine? What about the Opera? Whatever you chose – make it a big one. This kinda of date is the type that is usually reserved for couples, but stuff that - in the words of RuPaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

It’s important to note that a ‘me date’ is less about what you do and more about the fact that you love yourself enough to do it. Treat yo' self!

Tahlia Svingos

Tahlia is a media/journo student from the University of Adelaide. She probably wrote this in the bath.