Five signs you’ve arrived at procrasti-station

November 13, 2015
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STUVAC’s a pretty crucial time of year when procrastination levels are at their highest. Whether it be drowning your sorrows in TV, cake, cleaning or all of the above, exam-time is perfect for getting amongst your procrastination drug of choice.

Although you might be in denial you’re even on board the lazy train, here are some signs you’ve well and truly arrived at procrasti-station. Toot, toot!

You binge-watch a favourite TV show

Familiarity is ideal in times of unimaginable stress, so why not comfort yourself with a show that reminds you of happier times when you didn’t have to cram 13 weeks of content into seven days?

No matter what mood you’re in, Netflix will be there for you and your lack of self-control. But don’t stress too much: it’s pretty certain that the only motivation you’ll have all week is to finish that glorious series you’ve invested so much time in.

You become an exercise freak

You wait around all day for a time when it’s possible to avoid being torched by the Aussie sun so that you can go for a run to feel somewhat productive. Some crazies might even resort to three workouts just to stay away from that cramped room for a few more hours.

Team sports also become a common activity during these hard times, as everyone around you is in the same position. Hey, you might even get tackled hard enough that you get hospitalised and have a valid excuse to defer your exam the next day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner become all-day events

Waking up in the morning can be hard, but during exam-time it’s expected that you rise and grind at a suitable hour. Getting the right nutrients to start the day is expected, and if you’re in the aforementioned exercise freak category, you might even get a quick workout in before the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast can quickly turn into lunch, which usually ends with sitting at the table for well over an acceptable amount of time. Dinner then comes around and this fun-filled meal will continue well into the night. It’s like going out, just without the fun of hanging out with friends and getting well inebriated.

Did someone say spring-clean?

A classic tell-tale sign of procrastination is the inevitable spring-clean. Whether it be clothes, your desk or an entire room makeover, the spring-clean always provides hours of useless enjoyment.

Stress is sure to decrease once your room is looking in order and worthy of being a study space. The only problem now is working out how to actually convince yourself that study is a useful utilisation of your precious time.

You organise your study notes but don’t actually study

Organisation is key to a successful life. Well, at least that’s what you tell yourself when you’re avoiding doing the real work required for you to pass exams. Creating a study space and compiling your notes in a way that’d rival your obsessive compulsive, nerdy roommate is soothing to the mind. You may take absolutely nothing in from colour coding those well prepared notes, but it’ll provide hours of aesthetic appeal for you and all your friends to swoon over.

Allison Byrnes

Allison is a Multimedia Journalism student at James Cook University. She dreams of emulating Julie Bishop's style on a uni student budget.

Image: Nico Caramella, Flickr Creative Commons license