Five signs you're totally over student life

June 15, 2016
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I’m not one to enjoy bumming out a crowd. For the most part university is a pretty great experience, whether you’re getting some job-ready knowledge or growing your social life. But like all good things, even uni needs to come to an end (unless you’ve got a totally wicked research idea, in which case, follow your dreams). The following textbook symptoms indicate that you might just be a little bit tired of tertiary study. If this is you, just hold in there buddy, coz you know it’s worth it.

You can't be bothered socialising anymore

Your flatmates and uni pals think you’re a freak for not coming down to the tav for a bit of exam-stress minimisation, but the truth is you really just want to focus on getting these last units done and then start trying to find a god-dang job. Traffic light parties, theme nights at the village, pub crawls - no matter what it is, you’re super not keen to go. Don’t fret! This isn’t a bad sign - you’re just getting a bit tired of the same old thing and getting keen for a lush future.

You're really starting to pay attention to Job Alerts now

Back in second year you signed up to Seek and Jora job alerts and they have been absolutely clogging up your inbox daily for 600 days straight now. But one day you’ll wake up and look at them differently. As you are in your final year and on the downhill run, the stress of real world employment becomes only more and more tangible. All of a sudden, you’re taking great interest in what positions are available and turning into something of an employment expert for your city. This is good.

Uni is starting to feel a little bit like work

The moment of realisation will be when you find yourself counting down the minutes left that you need to be at uni. This means that you’ve become so acclimatised to study that it’s now a predictable block routine for you. And of course, with routine comes weariness. If you find yourself feeling less like an independent thinker and more like a government-loan-pen-pusher, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve mapped out all of student life there is to see.

Your tutor hates you because you flat out refuse to do group work

You don’t mean to be bitter and difficult, you just honestly can’t help it. There is simply no way that you are signing up for this 25% group assignment. You’ve seen how this play ends, you already know when the crash is going to happen. If you find yourself sending borderline passionate emails back and forth between yourself and your tutor demanding the right to be allocated a solitary mark, you can probably put a safe bet on internal student fatigue syndrome (don’t give up - group assignments are never worth it).

You've realised that staying at uni forever would actually suck

When once upon a time you flirted the idea of career research with chirpiness and enthusiasm, you have long since grown weary of even hearing about grant application forms, bibliographies, literature reviews and methodologies. A few weeks ago someone asked you for your opinion on epistemology and you faked nausea just to get away. If the sap of intellectual nourishment has faded from the campus walls which surround you, then you know for a fact that you’re going to be pretty happy to see the back of your student days. 

Jonathan Davidson

Jonathon is studying journalism at Murdoch University in Perth.

Image: Akio Takemoto, Flickr Creative Commons license