Five signs you’re the parent of your friend group

June 09, 2016
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There is always that one person in your friendship group that everyone turns to at one point. And it doesn’t stop there. These legends don’t just watch your back, they are the group planners and the voice of reason. We all know one and if this sounds like you, keep reading because here’s five signs you’re the parent of your friends

The deso driver

AKA the most sober friend.

At clubs you find yourself stopping your mates from shouting another round of drinks – not because they’re already plastered, but because they probably can’t afford it anymore. You watch out for IDs, credit cards and phones and even provide a place to crash for a few hours.

At house parties, you’ll throw a bunch of napkins over spilt drinks, order more food, stop your mate from texting their ex and be the one that drops them back to their homes. Just to make sure everyone is OK.

The group text-er

Really though, we all have that one friend who texts the group with one or all of these:

“So, when are we all free, what time are we going and where do we want to go? Or should I just come up with the deets and text you guys later?”

“Okay I’ll buy the tickets and everyone can pay me back.”

“I bought the cake, group present and card, everyone just needs to sign it now. Thanks guys!”

“I booked the flights!”

If this is you, you’re an absolute babe. The squad couldn’t function without you TBH.

The trusted one

And by trusted I mean your friend’s parents absolutely adore you and aren’t subtle about hiding that you’re the favourite of their child’s friends. If your bestie wanted a sneaky night out or an excuse to evade home for a weekend, all they would have to do is name drop you to get the all-clear. You get along really well with their parents, laughing at inside jokes and tagging them in Facebook posts.

But this also means you’re the trusted one when it comes to everything

“How many tutes are we allowed to skip?”

“When’s stuvac?”

“Is it normal that I blah, blah, blah?”

“Are we allowed to blah, blah, blah?”

The health inspector

Somehow, you always have a stash of tissues on you, or you find yourself offering your friend some Dettol before you dig into lunch together. But why stop there? You’ll find yourself messaging friends to rug up if the weather is looking savage and will be the one who actually brought an umbrella in case it rains.

The friendly reminder

This is when you playfully but also seriously do one or all of these:

“Don’t you have a tute/lecture/seminar today, haha?”

“Exam timetables are out! Xox”

“Hey guys don’t forget to re-enrol! And also check your emails for the student finance fees.”

“LOL why are you still awake, don’t you have an exam tomorrow?!?”

You’re totes not being bossy though, just helping out the crew!

Long story short, you’re the Monica of the group. 

Steffanie Tan

Steffanie is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University.

Image: Girls official Facebook page