Five relatable AF tweets that sum up the struggle of job hunting

April 28, 2017
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Just when you think you’re done with all the deadlines and stress, the post-uni job hunt is a new kind of hell. It becomes a full-time job where you send out at least five different applications a day, every day, yet hear absolutely zero responses. And why is that? Because employers have ridiculously high expectations. These tweets nail exactly what we’re all thinking when we’re struggling to land a job.

Employers don’t expect much, just…

Time to learn every language known to man to improve job prospects…

Here’s a riddle…

It’s even worse when you’re applying for an unpaid internship that expects you to have experience. You’re not even paying us!! Just give us this one, pls.

What does entry-level even mean?!

Does it count if the journalism piece was a short story written in primary school and the award was a Pokémon prize pack?

Makes perfect sense…

Well, I have 10 years of experience as a student…

When a dog is more qualified than you are…

Tbh, I would give this doggo a job too.

Image: Girls official Facebook page


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