Five people you need to start standing up to

May 25, 2017
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Whether you're at uni, home or out with mates, there are always opportunities for people to be pricks. Sometimes we are afraid to stand up to certain people because we love them, we find them superior or we just can't be bothered to go through petty drama. However, entering young adulthood and climbing the career ladder, it's time to start standing up for yourself, even though you might be scared AF to do so.


They should be the easiest to argue and negotiate with, but sometimes it can be really hard. With friends, you need to keep it honest as possible to make the relationship work, even though sometimes the truth can hurt. But when it comes to things they may say that could upset you, it's actually really hard to confront your feelings. Hands up if your usual approach is giving the silent treatment or acting passive aggressively to mark your "I'm pissed off at you now" statement? It's because we know we want to avoid the confrontation. But unfortunately, it's time to face the music if you want to keep the right relationships for your future.

Toxic friends are different – if you feel like it's an ongoing routine of love and hate where you endure an anxiety for direct confrontation, then it's time to seriously move on – high school graduation was the end of both schooling and frenemies.

Your work colleagues/manager 

OK, so if it's your second week at your retail job. You're still figuring out the 411, making new friends and trying to maintain a good relationship with the manager – the last thing you want to do is get feisty to get your own way. But once it's a good few months or so and you've noticed your shifts have been reduced or your payslips aren't adding up, or maybe Rhonda who does stacking is being a total A-hole - stand your ground.

Always hear them out first – maybe they're reducing shifts because the business isn't doing so well. But if their story isn't quite adding up because other colleagues have the same amount of hours (or more!), then take action.

Intern coordinator 

In some internships, you may find yourself being taken advantage of. Let's say you’re interning at a photography studio and in the interview they described your intern tasks and you remember it being a whole lot more than just printing. Keep in mind they are a business and your intern coordinator probably has ten things on their mind and their own tasks to do. But if they hired an intern, they do need to set up tasks that they originally told you before you started. You're there to get an idea of the work environment, not clean or stamp.

So if you feel like you’re in an intern rut of just doing coffee runs and no assisting on projects, then it’s really important to get a word in with your coordinator to make the most of your internship.

Group assignment members 

Probably the easiest of people to stand up to. I find myself going from 0 to 100 with some members and only realising a little after. This is probably because everyone has their intentions of the group assignment and most people want to do well, so pushing others to work hard is great. Just don't get too sassy – it's not group assignment wars, it's working as a team and everyone doing their part.

The only times you really need to stand up to a group member is if someone is taking over everything or doing nothing at all. If someone doesn't understand their role, then it's simply explaining the task to them. No need to get bitchy when it could easily be you who might not understand the next group assignment task.


We love them. They raised us, dropped us off to all those soccer games and cried (a lot) when we graduated high school. But that's just it – they still think of us as their little babies. It's sweet but it can be a little tough if you're in a household still living with your parents and they make it impossible for you to take responsibility for yourself in the form of travelling, moving out with roommates or sometimes even clubbing. They don't want to let go, but as you enter adulthood, it's time to have the chat if the 'rents are still holding you back on your search for independence and developing into a young man or woman. 

Keep calm and stand up.

Claudia Siron

Claudia studies Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney, is a major film and television fan and her favourite director is Quentin Tarantino.

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