Five Netflix hacks you probably didn't know about

August 28, 2015
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In an era where ‘coming over for Netflix and chill’ is the collective thought among us students, it pays to know how to get the most out of your Netflix account. The streaming lords from above have laden the service with a bunch of ingenious tips and tricks to use it to your full advantage, as well as some hacks they probably don’t want you to know about.

Access any region’s Netflix via VPNs

With the Dallas Buyers Club scandal now behind us, a lot of people have purchased VPNs without fully knowing what they are. Basically, a VPN server connects two computers privately and securely from anywhere in the world, meaning you have access to websites you ordinarily wouldn’t within your region. Side note: Keep an ample box of tissues by your side for when you burst into tears of joy over the incomparable and vast US Netflix library.

Delete your viewing history

Look, I understand you might want to keep your recent Yu-Gi-Oh! binge a secret that you’ll carry to your grave. Netflix also understands, and has hooked you up with a sneaky little option to delete your viewing history. All you have to do is go into ‘Your Account’ followed by ‘Viewing Activity’, and click the ‘X’ next to all the titles you want removed. Breathe a sigh of relief as your secret shame remains just that.

Rate shows for better recommendations

I’ve rolled my eyes at my Netflix library for recommending I watch Supernatural too many bloody times for it to be OK. Little did I know that this annoying situation could’ve been easily avoided had I just spent more time rating the shows I actually watched. While this does seem pretty arduous and boring, it’ll help Netflix figure out what you actually like to watch, meaning more recommendations that are way more suited to your tastes.

How to actually watch all your shows in HD

Most Netflix plans offer HD films as both an option and a selling point. But you probably didn’t know that your shows don’t automatically come with the HD setting flicked on. Well, it doesn’t take much effort or know-how to give your shows that refreshing clarity: Go via ‘Your Account’ and then ‘Playback setting’, and make that glorious switch to the HD life.

Watch your own account on consoles

A surprising amount of Netflix users view the service via a gaming console. However, a common snag with some consoles is that you’re stuck on one person’s account. Fret no more: Much like games themselves, there’s a cheat code that can get you to the debug screen so you can log into your own account. Punch in this code on the Netflix app’s main screen and thank me later:

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.