Five mistakes you're probably making with your job search (and how to avoid them)

August 10, 2016
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Have you always wondered how other students seem to land awesome jobs around campus and internships at incredible companies? If so, then you may be missing out on important job opportunities simply because you aren’t looking in the right places.

Maybe you weren’t aware that doing the following simple things could lead you to your dream job. Get on it.

Not checking your emails regularly

During your first year at uni, you’ll be reminded countlessly to check your student email account. While you might grow tired of general uni updates and notices, you’ll also receive emails from various areas of your uni with potential internship and job opportunities.

Sound like too much effort to check your uni account every day? Forward them to your regular account. Students are notorious for not checking their emails. So applying for jobs that are sent direct through email marketing could see you in with a chance! You’re already at an advantage.

Ignoring the hundreds of flyers around campus (that are actually useful)

Ever noticed the notice boards around campus or flyers taped to bathroom doors? Yes, these may be ads by students offering to ghost write your essays, but they may also contain hidden gems offering incredible work opportunities!

Next time you’re a few minutes early to class, spend some time browsing the noticeboard. You never know, you may just find your dream job.

You’ve never looked at your uni’s online jobs listings

A lot of us don’t realise that our unis actually have careers and employment websites. These are almost always accompanied by a job board. Your uni may already send out job board updates, however, to nab the best opportunities it’s wise to check for new job postings every couple of days.

Employers posting listings on your uni’s website may be seeking out students specifically. Even better! Plus, if you manage to find a job in your field it could lead to a graduate position. Win-win, really.

You didn’t realise there were societies and clubs for your study area

One of the greatest things you can do at O-Week is to sign-up to a club or society. Not only are they great for making friends and networking, workshops and end of year balls, they’re also a fantastic way to find out about upcoming opportunities within your field.

Your chances of finding work increase with the amount of effort you put into your membership too, so don’t be shy and head along to events and activities.

You’re living under a rock and not following your uni on social media

We spend a shitload of time on social media, and there’s no shame in following your uni on social media. While the main public page is important, this is mostly used as a bragging platform.

To find job opportunities you need to follow your university’s smaller Facebook pages. These will vary at each uni, but you’re likely to find at least one careers service page and student services page. Each of these can offer unique opps so be sure to check updates regularly.

Now that you know where and how to look for your dream job or internship, all that’s left to do is to get your resume into shape and start applying. You may face multiple rejections or you might be lucky and land a job straight up. It doesn’t really matter either way, because every application brings you one step closer to that dream career.

Hayley Payne

Hayley is a Public Relations and Politics student at Griffith University. She spends her (little) free time writing, watching movies and generating future plans.