Five memes that perfectly sum up our feels on inauguration day

January 20, 2017
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Unless you pulled an all-nighter or set your alarm to the ungodly time of 3am, you may have woken up to a news feed full of updates on the Trump inauguration. The day is unfortunately here where it’s official – we’re talking swearing an oath on a bible level of official. This might make you feel a lot of feels – a lot of dark feels that are way too much for this early on Saturday morning. If you’re having some trouble still trying to comprehend the disaster to come, these memes explain our feels better than we ever could.

The impending feeling of doom

We don’t know what's going to happen, but if the presidential campaign was any indicator, we just know shit’s going to start going down real soon. I mean, he told the Washington Post he plans on fixing the entire US economy “pretty quickly”. We don’t know what get-rich-quick schemes he has up his sleeve, but we feel like it’s not a quick fix and if it is, some dodgies are definitely going down. Let’s not even mention this whole Mexican wall business. The words ‘dictator’ and ‘total domination’ have been thrown around a lot in relation to Trump, we just hope it doesn’t come to that.

We’re going to miss Obama

There are kids in America who won’t even know a world where Obama isn’t POTUS. Needless to say, some of those kids took the news pretty badly. And we’d have to agree with them. Not only did he accomplish a lot over his two terms, he advocates openly and relentlessly for LGBT rights, women’s rights and against gun violence in America. It’s also impossible not to like his cool dad sense of humour and charismatic personality. You had it so good America, now look what’s happened. All we can hope for now is #Michelle2020.

We’re also going to miss his bromance with Biden (and all the accompanying memes)

We would like to hope that the memes stay alive, as much as we hope that Obama and Biden’s bromances flourishes beyond The White House walls. We aren’t going to see that level of friendship in Trump and Pence (and if we do, it’s just going to seem creepy).

The lols by the fresh batch of Trump memes

The one positive thing that comes out of all of this is the constant flow of memes and lols that Trump will generate. There’s no stopping the internet now – just wait until Trump starts making his official visits to other countries. We’d like to hope Trump doesn’t go full blown racist, and we want to hope he doesn’t do the things that gives the internet ammo in the first place. But amongst the doom and gloom, the internet will need a ray of hope in the form of laughing at Trump’s blunders.

But the reality sinks in

We can laugh at Trump all we like, but at the end of the day we do fear the fate of America, and by extension the world. Inauguration day also means marches and protests across America for all the scared minorities, and many Australian women will be joining them all the way from Sydney. Maybe it won’t be as bad as we all fear, but the weary, uncertain feels of having him as president are likely to last for the next four years.