Five lies about sex you need to stop believing

July 11, 2017
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From high school sex ed to rom-coms, there’s a lot of misinformation that gets thrown around on the topic of sex. It doesn’t help when judgement is involved from peers, fuelling the fire and telling more lies to make you feel ashamed about sex. Thankfully, we’re here to sort out the facts from fiction and debunk these lies about sex.

Casual sex is bad for you

Casual sex gets a bad rap. People will tell you that it’s unhealthy, that it’ll give you a bad reputation and that it’s not as fulfilling as sex in a relationship. If you want to have casual sex, don’t believe the lies – you do you. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting and sleeping with different people as long as you’re safe about.

Some guys are too big for condoms

Speaking of safety, there will be some men who are against using condoms. This might result in the horrible trend known as stealthing, or it could lead to the big whopper of a lie, "I’m too big". If a pop singer’s leg can fit in a condom, then sorry buddy, your dick definitely can too. There are large sizes to cater for that. Other lies include having a latex allergy (but watch out, because this can also be true in some cases). If it’s uncomfortable, lube helps.

Your number is a big deal

Much like the lie about casual sex being bad for you, this is total BS. Anyone who cares about how many people you’ve slept with isn't worth your time and should be given the flick. Why does it matter to some guys? Oh, maybe because of another little white sex lie, that the more sex you have, the more it will stretch you out and make your vagina loose. Wrong again!

Your first time will be special

This isn’t necessarily always the case. Sometimes you just want to get it over and done with, sometimes it won’t be in the most romantic setting and for the majority of the time, it will be awkward. Losing your virginity is not the big deal everyone makes it out to be, so there’s no need to build it up in your head.

If someone says no, it could still mean yes

This shouldn’t even have to be said, but no means no. Even if it was originally a yes that turned into a no, or you think you can “change their mind”. Consent is literally the most important part of a sexual relationship and a no is not negotiable.