Five holiday feels only uni students can relate to

November 23, 2015
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The summer holidays are bloody amazing for reasons that don’t even need mentioning – we all know them already. Unfortunately, however, glorious days spent by the beach and sinking a few while the sun goes down aren’t exactly accurate reflections of many of our summer breaks. There are some grim feelings that tend to define at least part of the uni break, and they’re simply unavoidable.

“What a beautiful day to be stuck at my internship.”

Getting a job after any degree is basically like a Hunger Games-style free for all, and the only way you can even try to secure your chances is to grab yourself an internship or seven. Experience counts.

However, sometimes these internships can only be undertaken over the summer months. The principle of working over the break isn’t necessarily the problem, even though you’re stuck in an office when it’s 30 degrees out. For a lot of us, it’s working over summer without getting paid that’s the real kicker.

“So much time for activities, so little money.”

That’s the real reason everyone loves summer, isn’t it? It’s all about having the damn time to do all the things you wanted to do all semester but simply didn’t have the time. However, there’s one tiny little factor that may hinder you doing this – money. Yes, once again your lack of funds inhibits a lack of fun. While a trip to the beach is free, going to the beach every single day is bound to make you bored and a walking melanoma. Summer needs variety, and variety is hard to get when you can’t afford to do anything else.

“YES, TIME FOR A HOLIDAY! JK I work in retail.”

Working in retails has lots of perks! Between getting trying to balance work with uni and internships and getting crucified by hateful members of the general public, there’s just so much fun to be had. The cherry on top is being forced to not take any time off whatsoever over the Christmas break. Your getaway is going to have to wait until weeks after relentlessly trying to hook citizens up with Xmas gifts they should’ve bought months ago.

“Oh shit… Christmas.”

It’s one of those times of year that are truly bittersweet. It’s lovely if you’re living away from home because you get to spend time with family who might not have seen you for a while. You get to stuff your face with food after a long period of fasting due to being broke, and, of course, you might be getting showered with sweet gifts.

On the flipside, your broke ass can’t afford to buy anything better than a pair of socks for your loved ones, so let’s just pray that you’re not going to be kicked out of the family because your foresight was as lacking as your bank account.

“I have so much to do *cracks open seventh beer today*.”

When life gets too much for you and summer - which is built up to be a time of rest and enjoyment - gets spammed with work and internship commitments. When you feel like giving up on all of it just so you can have a day off, it’s time for you to a crack open a drink. You’ve earned it, pal.

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.

Image: zenjazzygeek, Flickr Creative Commons license