Five fun ways to make cash before semester one begins

February 02, 2016
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In around six weeks, semester one will kick off and we’ll all be back at uni. And with this return to the books comes the return of the struggling wallet. Everyone finds the first couple weeks of uni expensive, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.

We’ve come up with a few handy hints and tips to make, and save, yourself some cash in the weeks leading up to the start of semester one. 

Start a swear jar

The summer break means relaxing, and a relaxed mind often comes with an equally relaxed vocabulary. But sometimes the habit of dropping an f-bomb into every conversation is hard to break. This means the rise of potty mouth across the summer break could leak into your university work if you don’t nip it in the bud early enough.

If you want to save some of your loose change and break that nasty habit before semester one begins, start a swear jar. Every time you drop a cuss, drop $1 into the jar. If it’s a two-pronged gutter bomb (two curse words in quick succession), then you donate double to your jar. On the first day back, crack open that bad boy, and you should find a hefty bank of spare change.

Start a band

With a solid month left of the summer, why not try to pen the next big summer hit? There’s so much money in music; Justin Bieber pulled in around US$80 million in 2014, so why not have a crack? Another option for those wanting to give their music career a go is busking. Grab some musical mates or start a one-man band, and head on down to your local shopping centre, boardwalk or park and jam up a storm. Musicians such as Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran and Tracy Chapman became household names from busking. Check out your local council’s regulations surrounding busking permits.  

Offer to mow all the lawns in your street

How can you get brownie points and make a quid or two? Offer to do some yard work for your neighbours, of course! By volunteering to weed, mow, paint, clean, clear gutters or even wash cars, you’ll earn a few bucks and you’ll also receive some solid street cred. It might be hot and exhausting work doing all this during the peak of summer, but at least you’ll have some cold hard cash to show for it all.

Do some 'summer' cleaning

Each year we lose hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars around the house. Do some spring cleaning in the summer time and you'll easily find a hidden mint around your house. Narrow down your search for cash by cleaning out the back of your couches, near your washing machines, wherever you leave your keys, and on the bedroom floor. If you're feeling extra conscientious, check the centre console of your car - there's bound to be some spare change there.

Attempt to write the next bestselling Young Adult novel

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 18 months, YA novels are so hot right now. So why not use all your angsty, awkward and heartbroken high school days as inspiration to pen your own YA novel? If you manage to write something worthwhile, you might even be lucky enough to sell the movie rights for millions. The Fault in Our Stars grossed over US$300 million at the box office, and I’m sure the writer, John Green, made a healthy couple of bucks from it. Start writing, and you too could be the next overnight success.  

Keegan Thomson

Keegan is studying journalism at the University of Western Sydney. He’s an avid storyteller and global traveller whose likes include fresh bed sheets and Jeff Goldblum movies.

Image: Andre Hofmeister, Flickr Creative Commons license