Five deal breakers that can ruin a first date

July 10, 2017
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You may have experienced both good dates and horrible dates – but sometimes, the most disappointing dates are the ones that seem to be going well until that one deal breaker. Take this as a list of warning to signs to look out for, but also what you should avoid doing if you don’t want to be the one to ruin the date.

Planning the first date at the movies

OK, so this is a deal breaker before you’ve even gone on the date. But seriously, are we 16? If your potential Tinder suitor asks you to the movies on the first date, you’ve got to be a bit suspicious. Are they secretly 16 and just hiding it really well? If you’ve never met this person before, the worse way to get to know them is to have some awkward chit-chat in line before sitting in silence for 2 hours.

Pulling out a voucher or coupon to pay

We get it – you’re broke AF and dates are expensive. But if you’ve organised the date and the bill falls on you, try to avoid pulling out a coupon or a Groupon voucher. For some, it might not be that big of a deal, but their first impression might be that you're a bit cheap.

For some women, if a guy doesn’t pay on the first date it’s a deal breaker. Tough break, guys. But what’s even worse is trying to split with someone you’ve only just met. If you’re feeling poor, don’t go to a restaurant out of your price range. Suggest a romantic picnic in the park – nothing's worse than asking your date to split the cost of a pizza that only costs $20.

Documenting your first date on social media

Phones should be banned on the first date. It’s rude enough to start texting someone else when you’re midway through conversation, but even worse is the serial social media addict who has to document their every move. It might be tempting to Instagram that perfect food pic, but you can resist for one night. And if your date pulls out the phone and starts snapchatting selfie videos (with added commentary), that’s a definite sign to avoid the second date.

Getting wasted

There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks on the first date to take off the edge. And even one too many can be fine if you’re both in a drinking kind of mood and the vibes are right. But when one person is wasted and the other is dead sober, that makes for a pretty awkward first date. The deal breaker might not even be the actual drunkenness, but what the person says when they’re totally wasted.

Discussing other dates or exes

If you have a dinner date at 7pm, you probably don’t want to hear your date hurrying you up because he has another date planned for drinks at 10pm. You probs also don’t want to hear their dating history or every detail about their last breakup. This is kind of like fourth or fifth date territory, if that. Talking about other relationships is a great way to reveal your flaws and just adds a negative vibe to the date. Avoid at all costs.

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