Five Christmas presents every uni student needs

December 16, 2015
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Students; we’re a needy bunch, but Christmas is a time when we work long hours, sink extra beverages and ensure we enjoy the sun before university calls us back for yet another semester of self-inflicted slavery to the screen. As a child, presents are judged on how much time can be wasted by such a gadget, but we want presents to benefit our decision to become educated. Here are five Christmas presents every uni student needs. 

A Myki/Opal card that never runs out

Good old transport: the sweat-smelling, sardine-packed, stifling log of metal that carts us to our destination. Alas, utilisation is not free. Topping up the Myki/Opal card is a task that causes many emotional hiccups, be it lateness, forgetfulness or anger. (“I swear I put money on this thing yesterday!”) Luckily, there’s a way to avoid this. Your card can be linked to a bank account so that when it falls beneath a set amount, it automatically increases to another set amount. It’s the ultimate parent-to-student gift… if you’re still remembering to tap off.  

Noise-cancelling headphones/earbuds

Be it in class, at home, in your dorm or on a train, whenever there’s homework, there’s a range of distractions that can’t help but play you the song of their people at a volume that shatters glass. But technology has a student covered. (Oh, technology…you’ve always got my back.) Noise-cancelling headphones - or earbuds if you’d prefer - block out all sound; not like those noise-isolating demons that might as well be tissue paper. Pop these bad boys in and work away. Just pray that a zombie breakout isn’t on the cards.     

A crate of Mi Goreng

Is there a more convenient, delicious, student-friendly food than Mi Goreng noodles? Be honest - we’ve all been there, tossing multiple packets into the pan and mixing the sauces together in anticipation of satisfaction. Cheap and easy is the tag of the modern-day student, so what better gift than a supply that lasts the semester (at the very least!). More necessary than a pair of socks, packet of jocks or a few Lynx cans, Mi Goreng stocked in a cupboard is a happiness we all appreciate at any stage of education. 

A portable, belt-clipped charge station

The phone is flat, the iPad is flat, the laptop is flat, the Fit Bit is flat, the iPod is flat; we can only remember so much before we leave the house, Grandma. Luckily, there are power stations (some as cheap as $20!) to save the day and ensure there’s no need to return home. This little gadget is more essential than a backpack, smaller than a wallet, and has enough juice to boost your arsenal of uni-assisting robots to life. But there’s always the issue of forgetting the power station - some people just want to watch the world burn.  

Cold hard cash

What’s more useful than money? It pays for alcohol, it pays for student fees, it pays for a holiday, it pays for alcohol… wait, we said that already. To open up a card that contains a yellow or green note is like an egg hatching to reveal the golden goose. Gift cards can be so limiting, reserved for stores we never venture to that sell products that’d only be utilised should we make it through our degree. But, for now, cold hard cash is the answer to the empty stocking. So, if you’re thinking strenuously about what to get that studying nephew, undergraduate cousin, or even the postgraduate high-flyer, avoid the anarchy of the shopping plaza and visit your local ATM. Problem solved.

Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton is studying a Master of Communication having completed a Bachelor of Communication last year, majoring in journalism and creative writing. He enjoys writing freelance and travelling abroad.

Image: Sascha Kohlmann, Flickr Creative Commons license