Five amazing travel programs in Australia you didn’t know existed

May 15, 2017
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We are blessed enough to live in one of the most desirable countries in the world. Why travel anywhere else when you can explore your own country while making the moolah, getting an awesome resume and keeping it close to home? Before you go shit-broke buying $2000 flights to Europe, have a look at these five amazing travel programs in your own backyard!

Working holiday in Hamilton Island

Where else in the world could you work and spend your days off snorkelling with turtles, taking in stunning views of white sand beaches and enjoying the splendours of the Great Barrier Reef? At Hamilton Island, there are heaps of jobs for you to choose from, whether it’s bartending, working in one of the luxury hotels, at a relaxation spa, hair salons or even as an engineer or gardener – the island has it all.

So if you feel like taking a year off to enjoy the crystal blue ocean and to get a killer tan (seriously it’s beach weather all the time), then buy some new bathers and prepare your liver – because they have a swim up bar! *Sips piña colada*

Au pair

You can au pair in any country but if you want to keep it close to home, choose any state to travel and become a live in nanny for a friendly family (who btw pay for your food, accommodation and any living expenses). You get a steady income per week while making new friends with other au pairs and exploring a new part of Australia. Not to mention that working as a nanny is an incredibly rewarding job and looks excellent on your resume. And who knows – after saving all that money, you might even end up splurging on a trip to Fiji before you head home!

Bartending program in Sydney

Want to become a qualified bartender while exploring the amazing Sydney and having Bondi beach at your doorstep? Well the European Bartending School has just what you need! And get this – it’s only four weeks! If you’re looking for a short and fun travel program while exploring the city, making tons of new friends and learning how to make some bomb-ass dranks while you’re at it, sign up while your liver is still (relatively) undamaged!

Mojo Surf program

Mojo Surf is all about having the time of your life while learning how to surf in some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Think of the beach parties, the road trips and beautiful remote beaches, while meeting some of the most laidback and friendliest people in the world – Aussie surfers! Three months of surfing and living the Aussie dream? Yes please!

Global Work and Travel Co

This program is based in many other countries as well, but what better place to explore than your own backyard? You can either be a volunteer or do a working holiday to earn some of that moolah. Enjoy the golden beaches, nightlife, outback adventures and the amazing natural landscapes of your very own country! Nothing will make you more patriotic than realising your own country has more to offer than you think!

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is studying a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and is an aspiring writer, do enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.