Exam-time feels explained by Parks and Rec

November 11, 2015
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At the start of the year, we said goodbye to one of the most popular television shows in recent memory: Parks and Recreation. We have a lot to thank the show for: it made Chris Pratt’s career skyrocket into blockbuster, record-breaking levels; it showcased Amy Poehler as one of comedy’s greats (and that she, like Tina Fey proved in 30 Rock, can stand alone); and it introduced us to Ron Swanson, perhaps the greatest television character of all time.

But it also speaks to us uni students on multiple levels, if unintentionally. Re-watch all seven seasons of the show and you’ll find that your feels towards exam-time have been perfectly summarised.

“I ate a brownie once at a party in college. It was intense. It was kind of indescribable, actually. I felt like I was floating. Turns out there wasn’t any pot in the brownie. It was just an insanely good brownie.” – Leslie Knope

While this gem came from an episode where Leslie was heavily campaigning against marijuana, her recount of this particular moment of her past loosely relates to how you’ll feel when you finally get a chance to eat. Once you go for something as delicious as a brownie after being cooped up in your room or the library for hours on end, you’ll probably experience some sort of high - even if it’s all in your head.

“Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” – Ron Swanson

In all honesty, you’ve probably spent your whole uni life half-assing two things. But if there’s anything Ron Swanson’s taught us, it’s that you need to have complete focus in order to achieve anything. How do you think he grew a moustache so rich and strong? Come on, gang, take this seriously.

“I don’t want to do things. I want to not do things.” – April Ludgate

No character in Parks and Rec understands the student experience more than everyone’s favourite pessimist, April Ludgate. This is simply because, for most of the show, she was one. Nothing describes our lack of motivation more perfectly than this straightforward statement of Ludgate’s wishes.

“Then I remembered alcohol existed.” *takes swig of Champagne* “Thanks, alcohol.” – April Ludgate

April just gets us, you know?

“I wanted to make fun of stupid people while I get drunk. My two true passions.” – April Ludgate

Damn, she’s at it again.

“I know what things are.” – Andy Dwyer

That feeling when you finally know the answer to a question in the exam.

“No! I’m not crying, OK? I’m allergic to jerks!” – Andy Dwyer

…you scream at your tutor when you break down in the last class before the exam and he/she asks if you’re crying.

“Do I look like I drink water?” – Donna Meagle

…you sassily ask your friend after they offer you a bottle of water when they see your clothes are stained with some abhorrent mixture of coffee, wine and lord knows what else.

“Do you think a depressed person could make this?” – Ben Wyatt

Ben uttered this as he held up some sort of terrifying clay doll that only a depressed person could make. You might say the same thing when, in way of procrastination, you’ve made some sort of weird art piece with your textbooks. Exam time gets the better of us all, don’t worry.

“I love nothing!” – Ron Swanson

The words of a generation. 

Jackson Langford

Jackson is studying a Bachelor of Communication degree at the University of Newcastle and is the rightful heir to the throne.

Image: Parks and Recreation official Facebook page