Eight tips to adhere to with your travel fling

July 12, 2017
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All you need to top off your holiday (besides sun, sea and sangria) is a spontaneous infatuating romance to spice up your trip. If you're flying away and find yourself in the middle of a foreign fling, here are eight practical tips to help you with your holiday romance.

Don't forget common sense

You're travelling, so it's the perfect time to let your hair down but don't let your common sense go out the window either. The wine is flowing and you can't resist because you don't have the same pressures of everyday life, so let your hair down and have fun, just remember your limit when it comes to alcohol.

Beware the cliché

Oh, Lorenzo! Watch out ladies he’s the sexy, handsome sex god you have stumbled across at your now usual lunch spot. He charms you, telling you you’re the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, but be careful. This guy has mastered every trick in the book, he has had plenty of practice from the endless flow of tourists. Nevertheless, it's always nice when you're away to indulge in these moments even with the gorgeous waiter Lorenzo!

Forget your usual dating rules

OK, that doesn't mean, jump on the closest thing that moves as soon as you step off the plane, but at the same time, it doesn't mean you should have to wait the usual amount of time you would if you were back home. You need to establish a good balance that you're comfortable with, but also adheres to the amount of time you'll have at the place you're staying at. Don't forget to enjoy the intoxicating infatuation you can experience if you let go and have fun! 

Don't get too risky

Don’t forget, you had no idea who this person was before your holiday, and to some degree, he is still a stranger. Keep your friends and family updated about this new love interest and where you are. Stay safe and avoid the risky behaviour.

Go for a different ‘type'

When in Rome… shake it up and go for a different type. Don't be scared to try something different – travelling is the perfect time to spice things up and go on a date with a tall, dark handsome …artist?

Define the relationship

You both know you're travelling, it's not like you can hide it with your accent, luggage, extreme excitement for new experiences, so it's probably a good idea that you’re both open to each other and are able to talk about what you're both want out of the relationship. That way, when one of you has to leave, one of you isn't left broken-hearted. Make sure you’re both on the same page.

Don't get too emotionally attached

Snap! This can be one of the toughest rules to abide by. But don't forget it is called a holiday romance for a reason, so try not to get too emotionally attached. Just live in the moment and enjoy every second because chances are that when you return to reality, the love will fade as fast as your tan.

What happens on holidays, stays on holidays

We have all heard the cliché line before but there is truth behind the words. When we’re travelling, everything is so exciting and new, the new romance in our lives is so passionate, fun and spontaneous, but when you return to reality, you can't really skip a day at work to recreate the incredible first beach date you had or late night dinner and musical nights.

Monique Taylor

Monique is studying a Bachelor of Media with PR & Advertising at UNSW. She is a lover of animals, chocolate and is a travel enthusiast.