Eight things you'll lowkey miss about uni during mid-year break

July 12, 2016
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During the mid-sem break when you’re drunk and D&Ming with a stranger or just hanging at home, you might find your thoughts wandering to uni. You’ll think about how glad you are that exams are over and so on, but then you’ll think about other things… things you might just miss a little. Here are six of ’em.

Valid excuses for not doing adult things

During uni, you will always find yourself in and out of the house at the most random times. You’ll probably be eating questionable food and might even nod off in places you probably shouldn’t. You’ll outfit repeat because of the lack of clean clothes and push back tidying your room until you actually have a moment to breathe. It sucks, but it’s perfectly reasonable to blame your organised chaos on the fact that you’ve got uni.

The moment you’re on break, however, the nagging from your roomies, friends and family begins. Suddenly you have to eat, sleep and be civilised at normal times again, and although you know they’re all doing it out of love, you can’t help but look forward to heading back to uni when excuses for a non-adult lifestyle are aplenty.

Rolling out the classic “I can’t, I’ve got uni”

Not feeling a night out or a shift at work? No worries because when uni’s on, you can always get away with the “Sorry I can’t, I’ve got uni” and no harm done. It’s just so much better (and believable) than the sickie that comes with the “ahhh, ummm, something’s just come up.”

Free food. All of the free food.

There’s nothing better than walking out of an afternoon tute, stomach growling when you’re low on cash, and seeing it. Yes, the weekly free sausage sizzle. The small of mustard and caramelised onions is enough to get your mouth salivating.

Yet at home you really can’t be bothered leaving the house and dishing out the cash for just a hotdog. You’ll just have to wait ’til semester starts again to relive the full and authentic experience of a hangry student’s free lunch.

The library

Yes, you heard me. You’ll lowkey miss the library and your weekly spot because we all love to study and not because we like to check out that really attractive girl or guy across the room from you. Not at all… But if you do, you find yourself wondering what your secret bae is up to and if you’ll see them again next semester.

The saucy library goss

You do kind of miss the saucy library goss only because there’s just something lol worthy about stalking, overthinking, planning, ranting and so much more in a library. And also the sinful procrastination of it all is such good fun.

“I’ll worry about that later.”

Now free of assignments and exam stress, you’ve the time (and not excuses) to think and process thoughts like there:

“I should probably start thinking about possible internships now.”

“I need to update my CV.”

“Am I ready to graduate?”

“Shit, I hope I did enough to pass.”

“Am I happy with my degree?”

“Should I do a post-grad or masters?”

“I actually did something this week.”

And by “actually”, I mean attending all your tutes and lectures for the week. It’s just that feeling of accomplishment of doing, completing or learning something which then justifies a night of Netflix and chill.

Steffanie Tan

Steffanie is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University.

Image: Justine-reyes, Flicks Creative Commons license


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