Eight things twenty-somethings are so sick of hearing

December 15, 2016
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Your twenty-something years are a time for having fun, getting to know your adult self a bit better and figuring it all out in the meantime. That’s why we’re not too happy when we’re told we’re somehow doing it all wrong. Thanks parents, friends and society in general for the advice, but this is what we’re really tired of you lecturing us about.

“Aren’t you a little too old to be doing that?”

Always with a condescending tone. If we want to go out drinking and clubbing like we’re still fresh-faced 18-year-olds, then we should damn well do as we please. There’s nothing wrong with acting silly and having a bit of fun either – it doesn’t mean we’re immature, we’re just enjoying our youth.

“Don’t you think you should start saving?”

Followed by other questions like “Can you really afford that?” and “Have you started budgeting?” We get it, this is something we should maybe consider doing. But it doesn’t mean we like hearing it. It’s hard to save when we earn so little and still want to have a social life. We’ll enjoy our money for now and start saving when we can actually afford to. If we start seriously saving now, we’ll have to resort to tuna and rice every single day.

 “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone.”

Single twenty-somethings are definitely sick of hearing this. While people are probs only trying to be nice when they say this, it’s always with the tone of pity. We’re busy enjoying our youth, so we’re not worrying about not finding someone just yet.

OR “Do I hear wedding bells?”

URGH. Can’t two people date without everyone asking about proposals and wedding plans? As soon as the relationship becomes long-term, you’ll be constantly hounded by friends, family and even random strangers. Stop it! We’ll get engaged when we please and if we don’t want to, that should be cool too!

“Follow your passions! Go after your dream job!”

That would be nice, if we knew what it was. We were told out 20s was a time where we could figure it all out, so we should be allowed to take our sweet time. Some of us have got it sorted, while some have ended up in the wrong degree and need to start fresh. In either situation, it still takes time to get to where you want to be. We’re trying our best and think it’s totally acceptable if we don’t figure it out until we’re 30.

 “When are you going to settle down and stop travelling?”

NEVER! We get it – it was different for our parents who didn’t have the luxury of being able to travel the world so easily. So why wouldn’t we take this opportunity while we have it? It’s actually the best age to travel, so don’t let your parents or anyone else doubt your decision or stop you from jetting off around the world.

 “Tinder/Uber/[insert other app parents don’t understand] doesn’t sound safe.”

We’ll try to explain these things to our parents, but they just don’t understand. Albeit, some people have found themselves in scary situations from these apps, which is probably the only stories our parents have heard. But unsafe Tinder situations can be avoided by meeting in public spaces with lots of people – some bars now even have a policy where you can let staff know if you’re feeling unsafe. And we’ll take a friendly Uber driver over a crazy taxi driver any day.

“Don’t worry, you have plenty of time.”

We’re not so sure about that. One minute we were graduating high school and in the blink of an eye we’re already well into uni and soon to graduate. We haven’t reached 25 yet, but we’re already having a quarter-life crisis about how little time we actually have. We want it all and we want it now! And who’s to say we can’t?