Eight things to look forward to in 2017

January 02, 2017
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In short 2016 was… indescribable. A lot of things happened: the Rio Olympics, India planted 50 million trees in one day and Pokémon Go made people go outside. But we also lost many cultural icons, witnessed multiple terror attacks, and persevered through an exhausting and terribly divisive presidential election. It’s hard to fathom that all of these things took place within a year but they did.

And surely 2017’s got to be a better year for all, right? Here’s eight things to look forward to this year.

All the new movies

Just to name a few:

The live action Beauty And The Beast for all the Disney lovers out there

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 because I AM GROOT! (Baby Groot)

Star Wars Episode VIII… finally

Thor: Ragnarok, the sequel reuniting our fave duo Aussie Chris Hemsworth and Englishman Tom Hiddleston; and

A Dog’s Purpose AKA the movie with the trailer that made everybody break down in tears.

Some sort of new iThing

2016 was a bit funky with the iTech from Apple. Yes, the iPhone 7 is sexy but the wireless earphones are a bit of headscratcher. One would only have to take a peek at all the viral memes to know not everybody’s a fan.

But never fear because something new is definitely on its way. Rumour has it a red iPhone 7 is being dropped in 2017 because you know… apple and everything. #punny

More Game Of Thrones and Sherlock

With rumours afloat UFC champion Conor McGregor will join the GOT crew for the next season, things are looking saucy. Other newcomers include Jim Broadbent (best known for roles in Harry Potter and Bridget Jones’s Diary), Joseph Quinn (Dickensian), and Tom Hopper (Merlin, Doctor Who).

Hitting the small screen January 1 is the fourth season of Sherlock after two long years. With fans dying to learn how and even if Moriarty is alive, it’ll surely be worth the long wait.

Netflix’s weird and wonderful

So few are thought possible to play the erratic and despicable Count Olaf but in saying that, Neil Patrick Harris is a splendid pick. The utterly bizarre Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events is probably going to be high on your binging list.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Stranger Things with total badass Eleven in tow. With alien worm things coming out of Will, you know it’s going to be another addictive eight episodes with the best psychedelic playlist out there.

The Return of Crash Bandicoot

Naughty Dog, legendary creators of The Last Of Us and Uncharted series are back with an old favourite, Crash Bandicoot. It’s been completely remastered and set to hit PlayStation 4 next year complete with the addictive fun we’re used to. 

The Gorillaz making a huge comeback

If ‘Feel Good Inc.’ wasn’t a defining moment of your teen years, then you’ve missed out, my friend.

To quote a fan who ran into the virtual band’s co-creator, Jamie Hewlett: “Jamie says new Gorillaz is special, really fuckin’ special.”


WE GOT JAMIE NEWS! This here is HIM and our friend Linda. JAMIE says new GORILLAZ is special, really fuckin special. Can't be rushed. 2017, yo. Fuck. So, guys, that Gorilla Fund, we got time. Go shop, take vacation, that shit aint happening this year. BUT its gonna be all that and more. And....Jamie follows us. So....you got something to say to him and don't wanna get yelled at on his IG by his very serious followers, say it here! HE IS HERE. Watching, reading and digging it. He loves this account and appreciates our repping. #JamieHewlett #JamieSaid #ThoseWords #FuckinAye #Gorillaz #Gorillaz2017 #ThisIsNotOurFace #WeTookThePic #HalfOfUsWasThere #OtherHalfInMontreal #Explanations #DidWeMention #JamieWasMadCool #Animated #Friendly #GangstaToo #HisShow #HisArt #SoCool #Go #IfYouCan

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Other possible new music

Lorde, Jay Z and Eminem are all rumoured to be dropping new music in 2017.

Prepare yourselves.

Fresh new memes

This is self-explanatory, although all the variations of Arthur’s fist shall be sorely missed.

Next generation hipster food

What could possibly be next? Whatever it is, it needs to outdo overloaded chocolate milkshakes, Pokémon-themed burgers and overpriced avocado on toast.

Cheers to the New Year!   

Steffanie Tan

Steffanie is studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University and is horrible at bios and that is all that needs to be said.