Eight things that change when you go from full-time to part-time study

October 21, 2016
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It’s challenging to find balance in your life when university takes up a huge chunk of that time. Feeling stressed from study is bad enough, but feeling overwhelmed from the extra shit you have to deal with is even worst! There’s nothing wrong with dropping a few units of university but before you agree to that, please read this list of things that change when you go from full-time to part-time study.

Your life

Prepare for your life to change dramatically. There should be a ceremony for this occasion. Your status of being a part-time student will legit show up EVERYWHERE. You’ve been demoted from a role that has given you so many privileges.

Transportation costs

Cheers to public transport, you now have to buy yourself an adult fare. Public transport one, you zero. (Side note to the QLD readers: Has anyone ever thought that the Translink people look a lot like the Dauntless characters from the Divergent series?)

So you’ve become accustomed to the routine of catching buses and you’ve also adjusted to the ridiculous fares of travelling anywhere. Well this just in, if you’re a part-time student, trip prices are now doubled. So instead of getting your coffee fix to last the day, you now have to use that money to get your sorry ass on a bus to uni.

Student card

The decider of whether you’ll need a new student card is solely dependent on how long you want to be a part-time student for. Let’s just pray that you won’t need a new one and also pray that you look on point again for the ID photo. God knows how long I spent in the mirror perfecting my look for the first one.


Not many people will sympathise on this one because a) they don’t agree with students getting Centrelink to begin with and this is due to b) they are ineligible for Centrelink. This is a sad reality for some students as that little bit of extra cash could mean watching Netflix, err… I mean, doing more study, on a day they would be working instead.

Anyways, Centrelink actually changes your payment status from Student Allowance to Job Seeker. Even though you are still studying. Rage against the machine I say.

Your motivation

It’s actually scary that your motivation for study dwindles when you have less study to do. Personally, I work really well in a constant state of busyness with deadlines and stress. Two units is hardly enough work for me, but of course it’s nice to have a break once in a while.

Duration of study time

Does it frighten you that you might have to spend longer at uni than the rest of the full-timers in your degree? If so, don’t become a part-timer.

Attitudes of friends

Don’t be too surprised if the attitudes of your friends change as well. They might think that you’re bludging on your studies. Which isn’t half false.

Your availability

If you've been unable to secure a full-time job, then your availability is going to look mighty fine. Obviously your friends are going to appreciate this for weekend chills, but during the week you might find yourself really bored when they are all at uni.

You better think carefully before you make the decision to become a part-time student hey?

Elly-Grace Rinaldis

Elly-Grace writes as a means of escape to her fantasies of a Greek summer. Dancing In Violent Fields is her lifestyle and travel blog for souls seeking inspiration.

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