Eight signs you’re truly living that #studentlyf

January 05, 2017
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For those of you who are fresh from high school or a gap year and are about to step into the wonderful world of university, you are probably anticipating this year to be one of freedom, travel, independence and adulting. However, for us uni veterans, the realities of student life are far different. Here are just a few signs that you are truly living that #studentlyf.

Centrelink is your second home

Any student who hears classical music without dying a little on the inside has not had a relationship with Centrelink’s helpline. While we love getting money just to study, Centrelink doesn’t necessarily make things easy. You know you’re a student when your local Centrelink branch is your second home and their number is in your recently called list… always.

You have resorted to selling your stuff online

While we are on the topic of being broke AF during our student years, a clue that you are truly living the #studentlyf is that you’ve resorted to selling your old clothes, knick-knacks and childhood toys to afford… well, anything.

Two-minute noodles are life

For those of us who moved out of home, one of the biggest challenges is preparing every single meal and snack for yourself, on a budget and without a whole lot of motivation. This means that for the most part, we have lived off two-minute noodles, potatoes and cans of soup.

Coffee is no longer a want – it’s a need

For those of you who are already at uni – have you ever noticed that if you walk into class late with a coffee, no one questions you? Everyone understands that in the depths of each semester, students all over the world fall into a caffeine addiction. It’s one of the only things that gets us through each day. When you know where your nearest café is at all times, you truly are a student.

You’ve given up on extra readings

At the start of semester you go to all of your lectures and tutes, and heck, you might even get there early or sit in the front row. You do all your readings in advance and a bit extra on the side, but by week three, you’ve given up. Instead, you sleep in till 10am, watch your lectures online (skipping the boring parts) and only do the examinable readings. Hey – Ps get degrees!

You binge watch TV

When you have a 2500 word essay to write and only a few days left, you might pull a couple of all-nighters and spend whole days staring at a blank screen. This means that in order to watch your favourite TV series, you have to binge before and after assignments and exams. Two seasons of Pretty Little Liars in three days? No worries.

You nap at every given chance

Early morning lectures, late night tutes and days of working on assignments leaves us exhausted – coffee can only do so much.  One of the libraries at my uni has a nap space for that exact reason, and who hasn’t seen students snoring on trains or dozing off during a lecture? It’s one of the most obvious signs of the student life.

You follow the student discounts

You know that you’re a true uni student when your decision on which club to go to is dependent on who is having $5 uni entry and cheap shots if you flash your student card.

Chloe Waddell

Chloe is an arts student at The University of Melbourne, as well as film lover, volunteering addict and pole fitness enthusiast.

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