Eight signs your 20s aren't going according to plan

July 03, 2017
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Thought you’d be living a baller lifestyle by the time you reached your 20s? You’re not alone there. You probably thought most aspects of your life would be sorted by now, from relationships to money or general #adulting. While your life might not be going according to plan, you’re defs not alone and there ain’t anything wrong with not ticking all the boxes of life just yet.

You’re still living at home

Maybe you never left the familiar abode, or maybe you moved out only to return when you were broke AF. Either way, you definitely won’t feel like a proper adult while you’re still in your teenage bedroom (even worse if it still has decorations from when you were 15).

You’ve had a couple of drunk sobs this year

You start the night out in a killer mood, ready for the best night ever. But then, pre-drinks happens, which last until it's almost midnight. When you finally go out, something as small as someone accidently pushing you could set you off. If you’ve had a drunk cry and D&M with your bestie in the gutter outside a night club, things probs aren’t happening as you imagined.

You’re embarrassed to tell people about your job

You thought by this stage you would be bragging about working in a killer office with all the perks. Instead, you’re still working a boring hospo or retail job you hate. When people ask you what you do, you’d rather answer with ‘student’ than ‘retail assistant’, cause you hope to hell you won’t be there much longer.

You’re struggling to land an internship

On that note, if you want to get out of the retail or hospo hell, you need experience. You’re very willing to work for free, but even landing an unpaid internship is a struggle, let alone paid work.

Your savings account is looking pretty sad

You had so many hopes and dreams when you set up that first Dollarmite account. You accrued some very measly savings, but it was a start. Then life happened and you had to dip into your savings, time and time again. Each pay check doesn’t go very far, and although you have all the good intentions of adding a little bit each week, somehow it’s struggling to get very far.

You spend more time stalking people than actually socialising

Your stalking game is next level. You’ve learned how to navigate between all social platforms to get a comprehensive life story about any person. But the reason you've become so skilled at this is because you spend most of your day/life online. 

You’re having a full-blown identity crisis

Never mind what you’re going to do with your life career-wise, what about the kind of person you want to be? You feel like everyone has that sorted and yet you’re still not confident within your own identity. Sometimes it’s hard to embrace your quirks and be different from everyone else. You might be heading that way, but you haven’t quite gotten there yet.

You don’t have hobbies

When people ask you what you do in your spare time, you stare blankly at them. Doesn’t everyone just Neflix and eat? Study takes up waaaay too much time and you’re too tired to think about pursuing some fun new activity when you could spend your weekends sleeping.

It might sound like a bad thing that life isn’t going to plan, but it doesn’t have to be. You’re in your 20s and you can get away with this stuff while you’re young. Still want to live with your parents, use Tinder and spend all your spare time watching Netflix? Go for it. Own it and make the most of it.