Eight people who would make a better president than Donald Trump

November 08, 2016
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The US election has finally arrived. It’s been a hell of an entertaining rollercoaster and the source of many great memes that might sadly be coming to an end. Most of us are hoping the trainwreck that is Donald Trump will soon be out of the limelight, but we can’t help but worry that some sort of terrible error might see him become the next POTUS.

Seeing as Trump would be the absolute worst case scenario, these questionable choices would still be better options than voting for Trump.

Justin Bieber

Whether you love or hate the Biebs, you can’t deny he’s so much more likable than Trump. Justin Bieber is all about those positive vibes, so we can assume he’s not going to be building up walls to keep Mexico out. He’s already earned himself a loyal clan of Beliebers and we’d happily become one if it meant keeping that “Orange Sexually-Assaulting Godzilla” out.

Cersei Lannister

We know it’s a bit out there – some might even consider Cersei the female version of Trump, what with her narcissism, tyrannical leadership and controversial background. We just really don’t want Trump to get in. At least she has some political experience and she probs has some redeeming qualities… right?

Kim Kardashian

We would love to see Kanye as the First Lady. And with the way things are heading, it’s about time we got a reality TV show inside the White House. She’s no stranger to publicity and despite her flaws, she’s a total #Bosslady and owns it. So why not?

Frank Underwood

Sure, he might be a tad bit murderous. But doesn’t he only want what’s best for America? He’s a moderate Democrat who’s passionate about his job and, well, the only person on this list who has the experience to actually qualify. Sure, he might be a fictional character, but according to a very reliable poll, Underwood has beaten both Trump and Clinton in popularity.

Paris Hilton

We would pay good money to watch a presidential debate between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. We already know Paris can command the attention of large crowds thanks to her mad DJ skillz. And unlike Trump, she knows what it’s like to be part of the working class (thanks to her brief stint on The Simple Life).

Inanimate carbon rod

OK… so technically not a person, but I think we can definitely rally behind the rod. It clearly has a lot of public support and it did have a much better feature pic in Time magazine than Trump did. "In rod we trust".


Much president. So leader. Wow.

Hilary Clinton

Just saying…

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