Eight irrational thoughts every person experiences while casually dating

April 12, 2017
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We’ve all been there, caught in a casual fling we’re totally fine with because we’re totes chill and breezy. Except for when you’re not chill and breezy at all and the prospect of casual dating seems exciting yet anxiety-inducing. From the thoughts that are totally irrational to the ones that have some validity, these are all the thoughts that will run through your head when you take on a casual dating situation.

“Is this a date?!”

Maybe it’s a casual hookup partner who asked you out for a drink for the first time, or a long-time friend whose texts have started getting flirty. Either way, you won’t be completely 100 per cent sure whether the catch up is actually a date or legitimately a friend catch up. This would be fine for any reasonable person, but of course you’re freaking the fuck out.

“Are they as into this as I am?”

For once, you find yourself really liking this person. You’re genuinely laughing and not wanting to leave. But wait, are they feeling this too? Or am I just imagining it?

“…or are they way more into it?”

Of course, you can’t be a totally irrational person without thinking the complete opposite thing every second minute. You like this person and you’re keen to pursue something casual, but is that what they think this is? Or are they going to ask me out? Is this all getting a bit too serious? HELP.

“Maybe they’re seeing someone else…”

This is the age of dating apps and casual flings after all. They seem all cute and charming but they could definitely be living a double life and seeing a few people on the side. I don’t care. Or do I… maybe I should give Tinder a try…

“Am I coming on too strong?”

OMG I shouldn’t said that thing about coming to uni ball with me. That’s months away, they probably think I’m a stage five clinger, dreaming about our wedding day. Was I being too touchy?

“I’m totally fine with no-strings-attached sex. Or am I…”

I’m strong, independent and am totally fine with casual sex. Maybe… I don’t know yet.

“Is this relationship going somewhere?”

We’re spending more time together, is this turning from a casual fling into something more serious?

“Do I want it to go somewhere?”

Urggggggh do I have to decide right now?!

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