Eight apps that'll help kick-start your career

March 11, 2016
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These days it feels like we’re all expected to start our careers whilst we’re still studying. But with all the constant distractions of socialising, assignments and part-time work, it’s nearly impossible to think about a career as well. That’s where technology can help; apps are great ways to kick-start your professional work life, build new contacts and network, all whilst studying hard. We’ve found the eight of the best apps to help get your career started even if you’re still at uni.

Google Drive with Google Docs (online, iOS & Andriod)

There are a lot of cloud-based document-sharing apps out there, but in my opinion the easiest and most well-connected is Google Drive, as well as all the other Google apps. Simply by using your browser or smartphone, you’ll be able to write, edit and share documents, slideshows, spreadsheets and more. What’s best about the Google apps is that they’re completely free and are available on pretty much every device on the market.

Infogr.am (online)

Ever find yourself entranced by a colourful, endless and creative infographic? Well, chances are it was an infographic made with Infogr.am. When you sign up you can get an account for free, and most of the initial templates and design tools are free too. Create engaging, smart and colourful infographics for reports, uni work or even for your own portfolio. Infogr.am is so easy to use and share, you’ll be able to produce quality, viral graphics that you can share across blogs and social media.

Duolingo (online, iOS & Android)

Ask any recruitment agency or employer, and they’ll say having a second language on your résumé will only boost your chances of getting a job. The only problem with this is that we don’t all have the time to learn and practise a new language. But Duolingo is the perfect solution if you’re totally time-poor. The app uses simple patterns, easy-to-remember word games and phonics, and has been praised for its simplicity and easy learning design.

Instapaper (online, iOS & Android)

This little app will both boost your productivity and allow you to become better informed. Instapaper will save stories, blogs and other web content into a cloud that you can access from any device. The magic of Instapaper lies in the browser app, where, with the click of a button, you can save any article for later. The story will even be converted into a clean and easy-to-read file that you can take offline for reading anywhere. Instapaper also includes the ability to make annotations on stories and multiple sharing tools.

Hootsuite (online)

Social media skills are just as important as an impressive résumé, and the best way to ace all your online social profiles is by using Hootsuite. With Hootsuite you can log in to all of your social networks at once, and from there you can schedule posts, videos, blogs, tweets and photos all in one place. Hootsuite won’t just make you look like a social media pro, but it will also help you become a boss at time management.

CamCard (online, iOS & Android)

Even though business cards feel like a relic of the 1990s, they’re still pretty important. Don’t lose that much sought-after connection by stuffing a business card in your pocket, only to wash your pants and lose the connection. Instead, use CamCard and save all your important business cards. CamCard takes a photo of the business card and scans it, creating an easy-to-read contact profile within the app. What’s best about CamCard is that it will sync across your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablets, so you won’t have to worry about losing all those important numbers and emails.

Kickstarter (online, iOS & Android)

It’s a well-known fact that we uni students are poor, but don’t let that get in the way of your next project, idea or adventure. Kickstarter is the crème de la crème of crowdsourcing apps and online networks. Since starting in 2009, Kickstarter has helped over 100,000 individual projects come to life, with over US$2 billion being generated across 28 million individual backers. All you need is a good idea and a few PR skills, and you’ll soon have your own successful projects funded.

Day One Journal (iOS & OS X)

Day One, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times since it was launched in 2011, is the quintessential diary app for the 21st Century. Recently, Day One 2 was launched, expanding on the original app. You can now organise your life through lists, notes, photo journals and diaries. Day One will boost your productivity and help you document your rising career. 

Keegan Thomson

Keegan is studying journalism at the University of Western Sydney. He’s an avid storyteller and global traveller whose likes include fresh bed sheets and Jeff Goldblum movies.

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