Crazy shit that’s happening at the VMAs right now

August 29, 2016
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If you don’t already have a sneaky tab open peeking at the VMAs to make it through your lecture, you better get on it now. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards is as crazy ever and as always, we question whether it’s really about the music or more about the #dramz.

ICYMI, here's just some of the crazy shit happening at the VMAs right now.

Kanye has out-Kanyed himself

This is what we've been waiting for – the next Kanye outburst/rant/nonsensical ramblings. Not only has he given a shout out to his own ex Amber Rose, he's also given a shout out to Kim K's ex Ray J. And of course he's got to throw a Tay Sway reference in too. Klassic Kanye.

Keeping it tame by Kanye's standards, his speech wasn't as crazy as his new music video, which is actually next-level Kanye. It's complete with underboob, shower sex, some Flashdance moves and sheep. Sheep? Thanks for bringing it Kanye.

Beyonce slays

Daaaaaayum. Beyonce is on fire in her VMAs performance (literally on fire)

With 11 nominations this year, Beyonce proves her status as ultimate Queen, killing it with her fiery renditions of Hold Up and Sorry. She really doesn't hold back, and we're hoping that Cameraman is OK after Bey swings a bat and destroys an MTV camera.

Her performance ends with backup dancers forming the 'woman' symbol on stage. Who run the world? Standing O well deserved.

It’s Britney bitch

Thought Beyonce was a hard act to follow? Yep, Brit probs wishes she didn't have to follow that. Returning for the first time since her controversial lip-synched 2007 performance, Britney is no stranger to controversy to the VMAs stage (let's not forget about that smooch with Madonna in 2003).

If anything, Brit definitely brought back the old-school 'Oops I Did it Again' vibes with a tiny sequined jumpsuit (and a banging bod, props to her). Although the projector-hands backdrop was questionable, Brit still slayed considering.

All cameras on Kim K

Are we really surprised about how much camera time was on Kim K? Less exciting is when she introduced Britney on stage (defs doesn't compare with the stage presence of Kanye), more exciting is all the 'totally spontaneous camera cuts' to her reactions. So Drake won the award for Best Hip-Hop Video? You better believe the camera swung around to Kim's unimpressed pout. Thankfully the cameras also captured just how many pics of Kayne/selfies Kim K took. It wouldn't really be an awards night without a few selfies, would it?

Though the 2016 VMAs are tame by usual standards, we're still waiting to hear about some controversial drama at the after party (we're looking at you Kimye).

Image: Official VMA website