Apps you need to check out if you're going through a breakup

May 05, 2017
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Breakups suck, which is an understatement for those of us who really, truly felt like he/she was the one. What sucks more is trying to get over it. These techniques usually include going out, spending more time with mates and keeping yourself as distracted as possible… and what better way to keep distracted than by being on your phone.

These apps help conquer the breakup by helping you be a breakup boss, or helping you to become the best wingman ever for your recently broken-hearted friend. Move over couch, a good movie and Ben & Jerrys (I kid), but it’s time to take action!

Break-Up Boss

The ultimate breakup app when it’s a recent one and you’re feeling the fury! The app offers advice and special techniques to help you get over the moron who dumped you and own it. With a pretty in pink vibe, Zoe Foster Blake’s new app includes some personal touches such as a ‘spin the wheel’ of your mood, a place to write a fake text to your ex to let out the anger you’ve been bottling up, and an emotional gym. In no time, you’re sure to be back in shape.

OK, so it’s $9.99, and that’s not sounding too negotiable for us uni folk who are used to downloading apps for free. However, it’s a great gift for a friend who’s had a recent breakup and is in need of some sort of alone-time distraction.


It’s the anti-narcissistic version of Tinder – with this app, you’re showing off your friends as you play matchmaker. It’s like when you’re at a party and go “Haaaaaave you met Liv?” You set up your friend’s bio on why he/she is so great, a decent display picture and the matchmaking begins.

Personally, I think it’s quite hilarious, because it’s you as a wingman conversing with other wingmen attempting to form a potential romantic spark (or hook up) for your single mates, while they may have no idea. It’s next-level friendship in the day and age of apps and gadgets.

Days After Break Up

This app is similar to Break-Up Boss in terms of taking a series of steps to get over your ex quick-smart. However, this app takes it a step further by making it your mission to achieve private goals with a calendar of daily set tasks. The app helps you to keep a diary on how you’re feeling and gives you a daily question to answer, that could be as simple as “Do you miss your ex?” Once you’re ready to move on, it clears your history and the app can be deleted. It’s a great on-the-go pocket diary to help you move on at your own pace.

Sex and the City - Tidbit Trivia

This app is just to have a little fun when you’re having some downtime with your best girlfriends. The app tests how much you know about the iconic and always beloved series and two feature films with hundreds of questions. You can unlock tidbits of “I bet you had no idea” behind-the-scenes facts. Next thing you know, you and your gals will be cosying up watching the series back to front all over again.

Getting over a breakup doesn’t have to be shit. Trust me, I know it’s hard and when people tell you to just try and move on, it’s easier said than done. But just remember there’s always love and support out there for you.  Besides what our iPhones can offer us to get over a lousy guy or girl, you always have your friends and family to back you up… and Samantha Jones too of course.

Claudia Siron

Claudia studies Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney, is a major film and television fan and her favourite director is Quentin Tarantino.

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