All the things to look forward to in the first year after graduation

December 07, 2016
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Welcome to post-uni life! It’s all fun and games when you first graduate and have nothing but summer and no responsibilities ahead of you. You might be dreading the year ahead though from all the scary stories fellow graduates have warned you about. You often hear about all the things that suck about leaving uni, like how you no longer get discounted transport (which really does suck). But there’s some good things to look forward to that people don’t talk about.

Free nights and weekends without study, assignments or homework

It might be hard to remember a time when all your spare time wasn't swamped with assignments and homework. This is one of the most amazing things you will appreciate in your first year after graduation. You’ll finally be able to spend your weekends doing whatever you like – festivals, picnics, beach trips – your weekends can be fun again! And instead of feeling guilty about those weeknight Netflix binge sessions, you can now go for your life without a care in the world.

More money (slightly)

We’re not saying you’re suddenly going to become loaded when you graduate. But even a low-paying grad job will be a lot more money than you’re used to. Don’t have a grad job lined up? You’ll still have more free time than you did as a student to pick up extra shifts at your part-time job, which means (slightly) more money in your pocket.

Your accommodation situation will probs improve

Your accom situation at uni was probably one of the following: either you still lived at home with the ‘rents, you lived in a crowded dorm or you lived in a crappy old sharehouse with other students. Either way, it was all you could afford and it wasn’t ideal. If you’re making the move, chances are you can afford somewhere slightly better and it will change your life. No more leaky shower, no more mold on the ceiling and no more irritating calls to the real estate agent when some other part of the house falls apart.

You’ll have a lot more stability and routine in your life

Your uni hours probs didn’t allow for the same daily routine when you started at 8am one day and the next day it was 2pm. If you’ve joined the rest of the world in the daily nine to five, as much as it sucks to work every day, having the same hours every day will bring some stability to your life. You might even find it helps you to curbs those weekend sleep-ins to make the most of your days off.

You don’t have to feel ashamed when people ask ‘What do you do?’

Even if it’s not right away, there will come a time where you land yourself a ‘real’ job. When people outside of uni asked what you did for a living, you’d ignore the question when the answer was an embarrassing hospo job like Maccas. Instead you’d respond with ‘studying’ – but soon you’ll (hopefully) be able to give a more interesting answer.