20 experiences to have in your 20s

May 18, 2016
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Daydreaming about a mid-semester break adventure? Thinking about planning a trip at the end of the year? Here are 20 experiences you should embark upon while you’re still in the decade of being young, carefree and adventurous.

Tick off the tourist capitals

London, Paris, New York, Rome, Tokyo? Check! All these major cities are a great starting point if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the endless list of travel destinations.

Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

You would be shunned as an Australian if you left swimming with Nemo off your list. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re at a more advanced stage, there’s an option for everyone to enjoy Australia’s most phenomenal natural wonder.

Holi Festival, India

A visit to India is sure to be a life changing experience and a must for any student’s bucket list. The best time to witness the incredible culture and colourful country is during spring when the Hindu festival of colours is on.

Full Moon Party, Thailand

This is one of the few times when drinking yourself silly, dancing in next to no clothes and covering yourself in glow in the dark paint is acceptable – embrace it.

Dune Bashing, Dubai

While we might not all be able to afford the Sex and the City Dubai experience, dune bashing is a must during a stopover on the way to Europe.

Ride the Hogwarts Express, Scotland

We may have not received our letters (if you did, I am coming for you) but there is still a way to have your turn on the Hogwarts Express. Pack your cloak and wand and prepare for a day that have your inner child doing a happy dance.

Hot Air Ballooning over Cappadocia, Turkey

You may recognise this stunning experience from the multiple snaps shared on Instagram. With hundreds of hot air balloons and views of fairy floss skies, there is nowhere better to lose your hot ballooning virginity than Cappadocia.

La Tomatina, Spain

What could be more fun than a tomato food fight? Nothing. Even Blake Lively agrees.

Oktoberfest, Germany

There is never an excuse not to dance on a table when you are dressed in a Lederhosen or Dirndl, especially with copious amount of beer.

Yacht Week, Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country of pristine waters and the ability to buy cocktails in a bottle in any local supermarket. Enjoy a week filled with lots of bikinis, booze and (hopefully not too much) barf.

Float in the Dead Sea, Israel or Jordan

Take the live Lokai bracelet one step further and try the real thing for yourself.

Safari, South Africa

Lions and zebras and elephants, oh my!

Fly in a microlight over Victoria Falls, Zambia

All it takes is one Google search of this amazing destination for it to instantly become the centrepiece of your next vision board.

Ski season, Canada

If you enter your thirties without having worked at a ski resort in Canada, you have failed at life. I’m just kidding… but why would you not work in a place where the $100 bills smell like maple syrup.

Coachella, USA

Make all your friends envious by taking a trip to Palm Springs for the star-studded music festival. Bringing your festival costume a-game is essential.

Road trip – USA

Lightning McQueen did it and so can you. After all, is there anything more exciting for our fourteen-year-old tumblr self than riding down route 66.

Yungas Road AKA “The Death Road”, Bolivia

Do you think you can handle Death Road? Ride a bike down the most dangerous road in the world and live to tell the tale (maybe a tale that you shouldn’t tell to your parents).

Rio Carnival, Brazil

Arguably the greatest party on Earth, prepare for mind boggling floats, feather costumes, gyrating G-strings and samba music for days.

Inca Trail, Peru

The world is full of overhyped tourist hotspots but this isn’t one of them – a trip to South America is not complete without this magical journey.

Don’t make plans

Board a random train where you don’t know the final destination or choose a point on a map and just go for it – you won’t regret it.

Jessie Gretener

Jessie is a freelance Journalist currently based in Sydney, although feels more at home when flying off on her next adventure.

Image: Graham McLellan, Flickr Creative Commons license